Our Teachers

Our teaching team is comprised of 800+ professional software engineers and computer science university students from around the U.S.

From over 85 universities and 60 companies, our teachers study at Harvard, Caltech and Columbia; work at NASA, Facebook and Fidelity; and have developed cybersecurity programs for the U.S. military, written code for life-saving procedures used by poison control centers, and sent satellites into space.

MIT Duke University Princeton University Google Amazon Robotics SpaceX

As we strive to empower the next generation of coders, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our team, who will be paired with students based on similar backgrounds and serve as relatable role models and mentors for our students.

Our teachers are...

  • 46% female identifying
  • 40% minorities
  • 18% first generation students

If you’re interested in joining our teaching team, click here.

Our Teaching Team