Code Connects | Research

Summer Research Program

Develop data science skills | Conduct research with university faculty | Increase college competitiveness

Grades: Incoming 10-12th + College Freshmen

“It’s important to not just teach students how to code but for students to apply their programming skills to real-world applications. That’s why we created the codeConnects Research Program, a program designed for students to:

Learn data science - one of the fastest growing fields of CS

Participate in research projects utilizing data analysis

Receive mentorship from university faculty and PhDs

Increase college competitiveness

About the Program

Data science is one of the world’s most sought after skills and has applications in nearly every field, from public health to artificial intelligence to business. This program offers an unprecedented opportunity for a select group of high school students to develop tangible technical skills and to work alongside professors and PhD candidates while conducting research utilizing their newly developed data analysis skills. This five-week program is divided into two parts. In Weeks 1-2, students are trained in data science, developing skills in data visualizations, data cleaning, and data analysis. In Weeks 3 - 5, students put their data science skills into action while assisting PhD researchers with real-life research projects that are overseen by university professors.

This program is intended for:
  • Incoming 10th - 12th grade high school students
  • Entering college freshmen

What Students Learn

During this Research Program, students will serve as an actual research assistant to a PhD researcher or professor. They will learn invaluable data science skills applicable to whatever field they choose to pursue - whether it’s sports, medicine, politics, architecture, finance or beyond.

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Web scraping
  • Data cleaning
  • Research protocol
  • Collaboration with university staff

Program Benefits

How to Apply

Due to the overwhelming interest in this Research Program and rigor of the material, students are required to submit a Statement of Interest when filling out the registration form.

The Statement of Interest should be 300-500 words that highlights your interest in learning data science and conducting research, future university and career aspirations, and any other relevant information.

Note: We do not expect students to have experience in research or STEM. We are looking for students with passion, interest and curiosity to learn more about these fields.

Steps to Apply:



Incoming 10th - 12th graders and college freshmen


5-week program: July 5 - August 6
Monday - Friday, 9am - 1pm PST + Independent work





*Need-based scholarships are available